We spent the weekend bashing about Paris, exhausting ourselves and having fun with the whanau – or most of it. (Miss you Hannah Banana. And Will – welcome to the family, Bro.)

On Saturday, after a leisurely-as-possible-with-a-toddler start and a large breakfast, we went in to see Notre Dame. We couldn’t go through the church because it was being used… as a church. In fact, there was an ordination service going on.

For a moment we thought it was the pope – how cool would that have been?! But the crowds were nowhere near crazy enough. There were a few hundred people seated outside, watching on big screens, and so we could see what was happening inside. Lots of robes and ceremony and towering hats – so probably a bishop at the very least. Bishop of Paris, perhaps.

We walked around and admired the gargoyles, as you do, then stood at an open side door and looked at the back of the robes of a bunch of brand-new priests. The organ played; I’d go so far as to say it rang out. In the end, this was as good as walking through the church, I think.

We bought some sandwiches on the Ile St Louis, and then sat in the park behind the church to eat lunch. I fed Elena, in public, in Paris, for the first time – eek.

Mum and Dad had to be back in Antony, to be let into their apartment, but we left Luuk and Ian in Paris, and they went off to the biggest market there is – possibly in the world. From their descrition, it sounds insane, and insanely fun. It’s on the to-do list for a day when Elena doesn’t need me every three hours. I’m sure it will happen. Sure of it.

Sunday we went a bit crazy – didn’t really go anywhere till midday but then we did A LOT. We started at the Antony market where we got lunch supplies. We picnicked at Parc de Sceaux and relaxed for a bit over some serious hunks of seriously awesome cheese.

The park was buzzing with people, walking and playing and running and eating… not at the same time. We walked quite a long way – further than expected to get to the park, wandered around a little to see all the fountains, then found our way to another train station… in order to go into Paris. So we were all a bit munted before we even got there.

Went to Trocadero and saw the Eiffel tower. Took photos. Of course.

There were performers doing their thing, and loads of people around. So that was cool – Paris in peak season, doing its buzzing thing – but unfortunately the whole lower part of Trocadero was blocked off for the fanzone of the Euro2012 football tournament. We were pretty walked-out and still planned to go up to the Arc de Triomphe, so we didn’t go down to the actual tower. Ian wasn’t fussed and the rest of us had been there before… so on to Arc de Triomphe we went.

Pushed ourselves a bit much, I suspect, but we did check the major sights off the list. This isn’t a great way to travel, but it’s not my trip, so okay, whatever. We grabbed dinner at a brasserie a couple of blocks up from the Arc de Triomphe. Elena and I tried not to flash the entire restaurant… well, I tried. She fed and wasn’t too much of a hindrance to subtlety, modesty, etc. Made a right mess but ate my yummy salad (chicken, avo, mozzerella and pineapple, on lettuce – yum!)

Made it home and sat out on the porch to eat icecream, with feet up. Then soaked my feet and watched television while feeding Elena. Lovely relaxing evening.

Unfortunately it preceded an awful night. Little angel went down a treat and slept till nearly 3am… and then didn’t go back to sleep till after five. Woke up in actual pain from tiredness. Kept falling asleep while feeding her this morning.

Thank god I got a nap during the morning. Had a beautifully quiet day today. The housework fairy (aka. my mum) is back and revolutionised the house. It’s so nice to be in a clean and tidy environment when you don’t have to lift a finger.

Managed to get a walk this afternoon. Ian and I wandered down to Antony and did a little shopping. Came back to find both babies asleep. Jumped at the chance to finally get some writing done. It’s been days! Didn’t write a lot, but better than nothing and felt pretty good.

The family are off to Paris tomorrow so it’ll be just me and the babies. Fingers crossed, there will be napping and novelling. If I can manage those two things it’s a good day! Simple as that really. Except for the simple part…