When we moved from NZ to France, we thought it was an 18 month stint. We shipped over a few things: baby and maternity clothes, our top five kitchen utensils, a few toys, and some linen. There were no furnished apartments and so Luuk’s company helped set us up with a bit of furniture. A few months later we forked out for a desk, a bookshelf, chairs… Not two and a half years later, we have got quite a collection of stuff.

We brought towels with us, but before we arrived, Luuk’s company bought us some towels. So, we’ve got far too many towels.

Until there’s a baby throwing up in her bed. Again and again and again. Turns out, we’ve got just enough towels.

And far too much laundry. That was Friday night. The little lady is fine now. The laundry pile is still astounding, but c’est la vie.

We didn’t even bring over all our towels. Some are still in storage in NZ. If we take all the towels we have here back to NZ, then we really will have too many towels.

Oh, so big news… a decision has been made: we will be moving back to NZ. Done. Decided. And now I can breathe.

Har de har har har. Why did I think it’d be easier once the decision had been made? There are still another gazillion decisions and plans to make and yet right now, this week, I can do zilch. Nada. Except have weird dreams in which I panic that we shouldn’t buy our Easter chocolate in France because it’ll get crushed in transit.

Whaaat? We will absolutely be in France for Easter. I am (subconsciously and not) worrying about our things getting damaged in transit, and what we should take back to NZ, and feeling rushed… and we’re not actually packing up anything till July.

Even that date is not firmly fixed. But most likely, come the end of July, we will ship a bunch of things back to NZ and then spend a month or so travelling in Europe before we jet back to NZ. Arriving September, or so.

We will have stuff to get rid of here. I’ve never messed with France’s answer to TradeMe/Ebay – Le Bon Coin. I am (not so) secretly hoping I just happen to have friends who’d like to buy our oven, washing machine, fridge and microwave.

I think the kids are picking up on the stress of all these coming shifts. Louis, especially, is very fragile. Very happy, happy, happy, and FREAK OUT! CANNOT CALM DOWN. RIDICULOUS AND IRRATIONAL. I am exhausted. Partly because of the (multiple times) daily freak outs.

Luuk’s away on business again this week. He leaves tomorrow for Romania, and gets back on Friday, so it’s just four nights, not a full week like last time. Fortunately, the kids haven’t quite shaken the daylight savings time shift and are waking up after 7am most mornings. Long may it last. At least a week or I’ll be a write-off.

Speaking of writing, I am editing. Rewriting is more accurate. But it’s going well, when it’s going at all. Daily? Yes. Probably. But not as much as I’d like. I’m reworking the end of a novel. Rather than hearing all about the exciting climax of the subplot, the heroine is going to get in there and (attempt to) save the day. A much better way to round it all off. Action! Confusion! High stakes! True love!

Anyway, we’ll see. Might be a bit far-fetched. Only one way to find out. I do love a good story. Went to see Monuments Men today, with a couple of friends. It was stellar. Fantastic. Excellent. Loved it (clearly). Just the kind of flick that makes me want to write properly great stories.

On that note, back to work.

ps. Sorry, no pictures. Next time there’ll be too many. Maybe.