Pinecones are rather hard to come by, it turns out, especially in the dark.

Hurrah for the backup plan: sticks. I had seen this on pinterest:

Not my picture – obviously. Click the pic to go to the source.

We had a nice late-afternoon walk. It got dark just minutes after we got out of the house, basically, but we could collect sticks thanks to the lights in the park.

Louis had a blast splashing in the puddles and found a lot of joy in picking up soggy sticks. They’re still in the buggy, drying (I hope) and we’ll have a go at turning them into something like the above later this afternoon…

Later this afternoon:

I arranged the sticks, just trying to get my head around what I would do – and how I would do it with Louis.

I was starting to get a bit worried – it was more fiddly and complicated than it looked. So I tied most of it together while Louis was asleep. He helped with the string when he was up from his nap and took great delight in the transformation of five sticks into a star!

 Louis also enjoyed playing with the scissors and throwing the ball of string around the house. It is now unravelled almost entirely. Gr.

Unravelled string and ornaments.

The last step was to tie on some christmas decorations. I picked up a little box of white and silver balls at the supermarket and Louis helped arrange them on the tree – though he did want to put all of them on the star and I insisted we spread them out a bit more.

The other christmassy thing we did was post the christmas cards… to the other side of the world. They should arrive around valentines day. The packages, I hate to think when they’ll arrive.

I also got Luuk something (shhh, it’s a secret) and a card for Louis, cause he helped make the ones I’m giving everyone else – so it seemed silly to give him one of those. His card sings! He’ll love it. The rest of us will, quickly, feel otherwise, I imagine.

I also got Elena a snow suit. I don’t know what else to call it, but all the babies wear them here, snow or no snow, in the winter.

I got the 9 month size so it should last her all winter.

She was happier in it than she’s ever been in her puffy jacket. Plus, this has polka dots – totally cute. Also, it has legs. Very useful.

Luuk is doing THE CHRISTMAS GROCERIES today, so we’ll see him later in the evening, weighed down by poultry and disillusionment. We sorted out the menu and all our possible/definite plans for the weekend, christmas eve and christmas day.

My sister and her husband arrive on Sunday, just in time for Elena’s dedication on Sunday evening. If the jetlag isn’t devastating we might go to the Antony market together on Sunday morning, pick out the cheeses for christmas day, and restock on produce for christmas eve/day.

Monday, christmas eve, will be a manic day to go into Paris but we’ll probably have a go at it anyway. There will be four adults and two kids so at least we’ll have a higher ratio than usual. Plus, there are those lights on the champs elysee that I still haven’t seen. And the christmas markets are there too! Can’t believe we’re a week shy of the big day and I haven’t got there yet.

Nice to have so much to look forward to in the next few days. Hopefully won’t feel too pressurized by all my expectations.

2 thoughts to “stick it to the plan

  • Marie-Rose

    Our parcel for you was sent 10 days ago by airmail. They told Louis it would not arrive before Xmas

    • amy

      but don’t they always SAY that after beginning of december? Better a pleasant surprise if it does arrive on time than angry and disappointed customers when it’s a day late. But I’m not very onto it… so sorry, it’s coming late.

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