We have quite the habit of lovely lazy sundays. We lie about like cats in the sun and do very little for most of the day. I exert a smidgen of energy to make splendid platters of breakfast and hearty soups for lunch. Luuk broke the mold yesterday and went for a lengthy bike-ride, and then came home and lazed about.

But it was a gorgeous day yesterday, first in ages. We saw sun! Real, genuine sun. T’was very exciting. And we could not hide from its pull.

Luuk took the opportunity to bully Louis into trying his kick-bike but the wee man is reluctant and rather stubborn.

He got on it voluntarily after it was left on the ground and he was left alone for a while. But then he got off it again – prefers to walk, apparently.

Luuk wanted to demonstrate that it’s fun and there’s nothing to fear (rolling down a slight hill…)

Lovely lovely sun.

This lovely lady watched longingly – she will be an eager cyclist, I’m sure – but she did not want to be snug in her rug, little wriggly bug.

Louis was happy to play with the wheels of the bike…

and to go up and down the stairs of the Mairie numerous times.

While we wandered around the neighbourhood (with the bike in the buggy basket) I thought about my novel and looked at trees and houses and the bumpy pavement.

A wee bit jealous of these folks’ rooftop garden.

We visited a playground that Luuk bikes past when he takes Louis out on the weekends sometimes. It’s at the start of the ride, so they don’t usually stop, but it has a pirate ship and that was incentive enough.

Louis ran around the playground more than actually playing on it, but did the essentials…

And he discovered the slide just as we were leaving. Of course.

After all our meanderings we returned home for the kids to get a nap in before church. I wrote, and at about 4.30 Luuk said it was time to stop. And we were early to church. Miracle.

The kids are learning ‘Go tell it on the Mountain’ for the carol service and Louis, as yet unable to read the words, was given a maracca to play. His interest was less than steadfast, but he did get into the spirit of things toward the end of the rehearsal – he even had the rhythm right. Miracle.

After church and dinner, when the kids were in bed, we watched ‘Keeping the Faith’ which I’ve seen dozens and (embarrassingly accurate) dozens of times – but never before in French. I didn’t pay it much attention and kept on writing. After a while, lagging, I checked my word count, and what do you know? I’d crossed the 50k line. Didn’t even realise.

There’s still quite a bit of story to go. So, I have a new goal: finish the story in the next five days. Could be a bit of a push, but that’s what get’s me working. Pressure, pressure… and food.

these might help – hummingbird cupcakes – awesomely good.

Won’t be doing a huge amount of writing today, I suspect, as we have a french lesson this afternoon and then we are off to have dinner with some other expat kiwis – their youngest son goes along to the same halte garderie as Louis. And I’m pretty sure his dad used to play for the Crusaders. How cool is that? Ever-so-slightly star-struck. It’s times like these, perhaps, that it’s a good thing I don’t really follow sport. If I did I’d probably be even more star-struck and then it’s be weird and awkward.

2 thoughts to “the sunday sun and a wordy win

  • Roland Clarke

    Congratulations on passing 50k mark in NaNoWriMo while coping with a busy life AND keeping everyone entertained through the blog.

    Thought I’d passed the 50k mark yesterday but when I came to validate NaNoWriMo site said I was 400 words short. Aim to finish today instead – novel no way finished.

    • amy

      I did that last year: got to 50k according to my word processor but nanowrimo disagreed. But last year I was very close to the end. This year: tonnes to go! Which is a good thing, of course. Well done, Roland, and hope you have a little celebration on finishing – un petit coupe de champagne? une grande chocolate muffin? a West Wing marathon and a bowl of nachoes? Me? Cupcakes and coffee. My tv-show reward is in the mail: Rev. (BBC) – can’t wait! In the meantime, must get that ending on paper (ie. cannot print – to paper – till ending is written. It’s a rule.)

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