Top 5 Stupid Reasons to look down your nose at Romance
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I spent the weekend at the Romance Writers of New Zealand annual conference. And I’ve said so, head held high, to every school parent and friend who has asked how my weekend was. IT WAS AMAZING. This is an incredible group of writers, from beginners struggling to put the final chapters of their first novel on […]

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Other writing

The Other Writers’ Group has got me thinking about Other writing. On a regular basis I write novels and blog posts and diary entries. But I used to branch out more. I once wrote a children’s book. I started a second, and a third. I once wrote terrible poetry and song lyrics without music. A […]

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Instead of writing…

Read a very interesting article today about the distinction between, and perceived hierarchy of, literary fiction and genre fiction. I wasn’t too sure about this myself. ‘Literary fiction’ seems like a label you should never give your own writing (seems a bit conceited). It’s the kind of thing you say about novels that you think are superior […]

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