I’m great at getting started – love it – and I’ve trained myself to stick at things after the flush of first love wears off – get a thrill out of this too now.

But finishing..? Not so much. It makes me nervous. It brings out my pedantic side. So close to the goal, I start to think reaching the end is inevitable – there’s no harm in procrastination any more.

And then when I finally do finish something the satisfaction alone is not enough. I go and reward myself with calorific goodness. Cake! Pain au chocolat! A fourth cup of coffee! A big hunk of brie! (Not usually more than two of these things at a time.)

Tonight’s reward: champagne!

Why? Well, it’s not because I finally finished watching the olympic closing ceremony, though that was fun. (Spice up your life!)

Today I finished the first draft of my novel. Hurrah! Je suis libre!

No.4 in the drawer (figuratively). Yippee!

It’s no where near Finished (capital f and all that) but it has an ending. Voila!

So glad. Have been so close for days and kept adding scenes, or doing other things, and not finishing it. Other things like standing in very long lines at the market, waiting my turn to buy fresh pasta and sundried tomatoes…

And other things like visits to the park…

Luuk decided Louis was big-boy enough to ride the horses this time.

And other things like making a breakfast worthy of Christmas morning…

Blueberry popovers with fruit salad and the thickest greek yogurt in the world. Divine.

Today was perfectly dreary. Just the ticket. Nothing better to do.

Perfectly dreary but still beautiful, Antony.
On my way to the bakery for lunch supplies.

Got settled on the couch and wrote the ending.

If I’m honest, I didn’t sit like this for long. Wasn’t as comfortable as it looks, but seemed a good idea at the time. It’s hard to feel like you’re working too hard when you are in fact lying down.

Am now noticing how messy our lounge is in that photo. It’s tidy beyond belief right now because we have visitors! (I know, good timing on the novel finishing front.) They’re kiwis on the last leg of their holiday around Europe and are staying with us for the week – brave pair.

Hurrah for friends, and for New Zealand accents, and for our lovely fold-out sofa (featured above, still folded). And for finishing my novel – hurrah!