But will I?

I was so close today. As soon as both babies were asleep something else happened. I had two things on the calendar today and the kids did their timing-magic: slept through most of both of them. But then they weren’t sleeping in-sync the rest of the day.

Sometimes Louis goes all Luuk-like and uber-focussed… and then I get to write! Or cook a meal. Or eat a meal.

But not today.

We had the plumber and the owner of our apartment here this morning. Our shower is now waterproof. Shame there’s already a whole lot of water in the wall between the shower and our bedroom… Some days it’s great to not own the place in which I live.

After lunch Louis went down for his nap just in time for Elena to get up. It was her turn to go down for a nap just at the time our French lesson started. After French Luuk went back to work for a colleague’s farewell party. (A celebration or farewell party at the office is known as a ‘pot’ in France. This is pronounced like the name of the smallest teletubby. Fun facts, anytime!)

Having been inside all day, and being out of bread, it was time to go for a walk. And that was where I turned the day around: I took my journal.

But then when I got to the playground Elena was fussing. I picked her up and carried her around till she calmed down, but by then was mid-conversation with another mum – a French woman. So I practised my French and tentatively made a friend. When she left she asked, “Demain?” which means “Tomorrow?” and I agreed. Yippee! making friends.

Luuk messaged me to tell me he wouldn’t be back till seven so we stayed at the playground a while longer.

While Louis did laps (olympian in training?) of the playground I sat on a bench, journal on my knee, and wrote more than a page!

Better yet, I was a bit stuck and now I’m in the middle of a conversation which will be super-easy to pick up tomorrow.

Louis was being so adorable. He would come up to me and I would say, “Go go go! Allez allez allez! Go go go!” To which Louis would reply, “Go go!” and then he’d take off with his adorable wobbling run, round the sandpit and back to me. All this time he’s carrying his new orange sand-rake, as if it’s a baton. And he hasn’t even seen a relay yet – men’s freestyle swimming aside, as they don’t use batons.

Louis is enjoying the olympics. While he ate dinner it was the horses, at which Louis points and says, “hor!” Earlier today it was men’s hockey (unfortunate result that)… but Louis was happy: “Ball!” And yesterday, the Woman’s Judo… “Boy!”


This evening I probably could have done more writing but between/during baby feedings we watched an episode of The Wire (enjoying the black comedy aspects of season four) and then the latest episode ofThe Newsroom.

Well, if we’re going to watch tv all evening at least we’re watching the creme de la creme of television drama: these writers do so good. With any luck I’m learning writing/story-telling skills as well as whatever lesson Aaron Sorkin was no doubt trying to teach me in The Newsroom. That man does love to educate, but so long as he keeps doing it so well, I’ll keep watching.