What an angel! I could barely believe the clock when I woke at 3am. She slept for four hours. In other news, I have milk (as opposed to Colostrum) and she could fill her belly, no problem. She then slept till morning. Miraculous! Inspiring! Restoring.

I’m under no illusions that we’ve stumbled upon some magic formula and can manipulate a repeat performance, but a little sleep does make a lot of difference.

My parents are staying with us and between them and Luuk I’ve been pretty much waited on, hand and foot, since getting home. Meals, drinks, heat-packs… I receive delivery after delivery and I get dibs on the baby. I also get naps, massages, whims – some toast? Ooh, yes please. With avocado and cheese please.

It’s cozy with six of us (babies count as people, of course) living here but I’m enjoying it. We have to be organised, but I like having efficient systems – a place for everything and everything in its place… Luuk and I are sleeping on the fold-out couch and this makes for some lovely family time in the morning, first thing.

And it’s fabulous having all the extra pairs of hands. At one point four or six hands were required just to get Louis’ dinner into him. No risk of him being entirely neglected because of Elena’s presence.

The true test will be when Mum and Dad go. Yesterday we had to take Elena back to the hospital for a day-3 blood test. We walked down, even though it was drizzling. We don’t yet have a baby sling/front pack (though we ordered one online today) – so Luuk carried Elena and protected her from the drips.

Mum and Dad walked down with us, looking after Louis. Luuk and I continued on to the hospital while the others went to the park.

After that, our first outing as a family, we got organised for the evening. Luuk gave me a massage while Mum and Dad looked after Louis. After he went to bed, I fed Elena (at eight)… an hour later I finished and hoped we would all go to bed, giving me the maximum time to sleep before her next feed. But Elena didn’t go to sleep. And it took a while for us to get ready for bed. We tried to settle her but come ten o’clock I fed her again. A full feed: keeping her awake with all the tricks – feet tickling, lying her down on a flat surface, talking, changing her nappy – till she’d had lots to eat and wouldn’t stay awake a moment longer. Then she went down and – hallelujah! – so did I. When I woke at three I didn’t believe the clock! She was stirring but wasn’t fully awake, so I got all ready (drink bottle, snack, cellphone – with handy feed-record-app, heat pack for my achy back) and then we did another good long feed. Luuk woke and helped with the keeping-her-awake part. It felt all good and team-efforty. Four hours sleep and I was a new woman!

And then I woke again at 6.30 – morning! Once again, Elena wasn’t even awake yet, but I got everything ready and greeted Luuk, then Elena, then Louis and mum and dad with quite a lot more perk than anyone was expecting.

Was still tired today, of course, but much more positive. My milk is ‘in’, as they say, which means a full and happy, if burpy, baby. It also means some rather uncomfortable water-melon like stuff going on, but I keep reminding myself it only lasts a few days.

We sent Mum and Dad off to Paris today – six days in the country, it’s time they saw the Eiffel Tower – and Luuk was out with them initially, sorting out a french sim-card so they can communicate with us. Louis and I had some lovely one-on-one time.

We made pikelets! I had the urge to bake and this is a recipe simple enough for my tired/baby brain, and for Louis to help.

1. Whisk 1 egg, half a cup of milk and 2 Tbsp sugar.

2. Add (sifted, it says, but I didn’t bother) 3/4 Cup flour, 1/2 tsp baking soda and a pinch of salt. Also cream of tartar, but I didn’t have any so risked going without. How bad could they be?

3. Mix it all together

4. Spoon into a fry pan. Flip when there are bubbles on top.

5. Taste test. Very important.

6. Serve as you fancy… we had plain jam for fussy louis, jam and cream cheese for me and Luuk, and I had a couple with lemon and sugar. Yum!

Bit naughty, but that was Louis’ lunch. And a good appetizer to mine. Had a nap this afternoon (one good night is, after all, just that: ONE good night) then we took Louis to the park, and Elena too, though she slept the entire time. Wandered down to Antony to get some spring rolls for with dinner. The walk was slow, because Louis was walking, but it still wore me out. So hopefully I’ll have no problem falling asleep tonight. Which won’t be long now. Elena was wakeful again this evening – didn’t get my massage yet – but we’ll try again now. So I’m signing off – and realizing this is insanely long, but once again will not be proof read.

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  • Hélène

    An 18 month old, a baby less than a week old, and she still finds the time to cook and post the recipe in her blog (no typos, naturally, despite the lack of proof reading, shock, horror, gasp)!!

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