Well, Louis has crashed hard after our little adventure today.

Elena is yet to nod off but she slept a couple of times while I wheeled her around Paris. That’s right – I took the two kids to Paris, on the train, BY MYSELF!

This is a first. Brave? Yes.

Stupid? Probably.

All was well until the train ride home. I was feeding Louis low-sugar “fruit snacks” (candy if I’m honest) and holding Elena – who cried everytime I tried to put her down. I was in everyone’s way. I’m sorry, passengers on RER B, though I will say some of you could have been more helpful. Yes I’m talking to you Mr. sharp black suit and pointy shoes, staring at your cell phone and getting in people’s way without any excuse nearly as good as mine.

Of course I ran out of candy (call a spade a spade eh?) and then Louis went beserk. Desperate, I put Elena back in the buggy but then she was screaming while I hugged Louis. I switched again and tried giving Louis his toy Thomas the Tank Engine, but he threw it across the train. Poor kid was way over-tired. Some helpful man (not mr. black and pointy) picked up said train and gave it back to me.

I promised Louis a big drink of JUICE and some GRAPES when we got home but he was asleep by then. Didn’t even wake when I took off his shoes and pants – which were wet on the bum because he sat in a puddle by our table at lunch… Gorgeous sunny day in Paris and he finds the one puddle! Gah!

Other than the mission coming home, it was lovely. We met up with a friend of mine who was in my sister’s class at school. She then lived with my family for most of a year when her parents moved out of the city and she didn’t want to go.

She and I shared a room for some of that time – just for fun (and because there was one huge room and one tiny room… I took pity). So we used to be really close, but it’s been years since we’ve seen each other – and here we are catching up in Paris. The mind boggles.

Yep, they added a padlock to the bridge. Throw away the key!

Now I know I can do it, take both babies to Paris by myself, but I’m glad it won’t be a regular feature in life. I’m pooped. But it should be a nice quiet afternoon, as so are the kids – wiped out in fact. Asleep. Hallelujah!

Off to make myself something long and cool, then a little draft-revision on the deck with my feet up, methinks. [happy sigh]