My bad skin and resulting poor sleep has been a black cloud this week. I’ve been too tired to focus well. We’ve all watched far too much television which I know just makes me less energetic, but I’m too tired to be smart about it.

I went to the doctor on monday and he managed to leave my magic eczema cream off the prescription by accident. I had no luck making an appointment with him since, or with the eczema specialist he’s referred me to.

Yesterday I managed to make the appointment with the specialist – for two weeks from now. I can’t wait two weeks for cream; I’ll have no skin left. It’s as bad as I ever remember it being. By some miracle I haven’t got a skin infection.

Luuk got prescribed some eczema cream as a ‘just in case’ measure, if something else doesn’t work. Last night, desperate times, I used a little of this on the worst bits of my skin.

And then slept! Hurrah! Happy Valentines day indeed.

I’m still exhausted but there’s hope – another few good nights rest and I’ll be better, no doubt. And this afternoon the doctor has a drop-in clinic so I’ll pop along there and get that prescription.

Goodness, when you get the right drug it’s magic. Makes all the difference. I haven’t scratched ALL DAY. Uncanny. Thank god for modern medicine.

And with any luck the eczema specialist will be as good as the doctor said. He warned me that the specialist is ‘fou’ – mad! But good. Mad but very good. So, here’s hoping. I’ve never seen a specialist in all the time I’ve had eczema, which seems ridiculous to me now. It’s been six years. Five years of seeing a variety of GPs in New Zealand and none of them ever sent me to a dermatologist. To be fair, I only asked once, and was assured they’d tell me the same thing as the GP.

In France they refer you at the drop of a hat. Too readily, perhaps, but for the virtues of NZ’s social healthcare system it baffles me why GPs are reluctant to refer patients to specialists who have YEARS more experience in a specific field. Is it ego? Is there some financial benefit, or do they just assume I’m a hypochondriac? I don’t understand.

Not that I expect a specialist to magically fix everything, but surely when dealing with a chronic illness it’s worth a try!

Okay, rant done. Time to turn of the TV and pay Louis some attention before he goes to halte garderie.