Well, I’m a moron. I didn’t check the time and I’ve missed the writers group at Shakespeare and Company.

Right this very moment a group of writers are meeting in the upper room of a gorgeous paris bookshop and I’M NOT THERE.


So annoyed at myself. Should have checked the time.

I will write a blog post instead, just to be sure something positive comes of this stupidity.

I’ve been thinking about how parenting is very much a tag-team thing, kind of like tennis doubles. (Yes, I’ve been watching the Olympics.)

You cover more ground when you’re both playing and, though one is usually more ‘on’ than the other, you are never really off duty.

Now, when there are more adults around it can be more like a relay race – you hand off to someone else and then you can have a kip… though that’s not very good teamwork. When Mum and Dad are around I get to have more naps, more time out by myself, but Luuk and I have been tag-teeming rather well this week while Mum and Dad are tripping around Ireland.

On Wednesday Luuk dealt with a not-very-happy Elena for an hour while I wandered the streets of Antony and got some head-space. Last night it was his turn for an evening walk. I wrote my novel and ate some yummy fruit with my favourite greek yogurt. Elena slept in her basket at my side (and for some of the time she didn’t sleep but there was a dummy close at hand – nifty gadgets those).

This evening I was going to get out – and all the way to Paris – for a whole hour or two (or three!) I’ve expressed enough milk for an evening out. But it is not to be, as I’ve already explained/had a good moan about. I’m sticking that milk in the freezer though, because next Saturday – damn it! – I’m going. I’ve even prepared the first few pages of my novel to take and share. I think I’ll hold it back unless there’s only a few people there. It could be quiet, being summer holidays, so if there are just a few of us and not much material to share/read/critique, then I’ll step up. But as it will be my first time, I’m keen to watch and listen and get a feel for the group.

So I’ve been re-reading over the beginning of my novel – generally a big no-no when you haven’t finished it – but I’m glad to report it doesn’t appear to be utterly awful! Yippee!

Perhaps I should do a trial run on my blog-readers.


If you would like to read my first chapter, and give me some feedback, then let me know and I’ll email it to you. You can be my testers (I’m married to a software engineer – the lingo seeps in), before I go and expose myself to a bunch of strangers in Paris.

Basically, I want to know what interests you, what hooks you in, and what doesn’t? What questions do you have about what might happen in the story? What do you expect/predict?

Are there any bits that just don’t make sense, or are a bit weird/confusing/misleading? Is there anything you just don’t like, without knowing why exactly?

And of course spot my spelling and grammar errors, if you will.

If you’re just curious and want to read, but don’t feel up to giving feedback, then you’ll just have to wait.

Maybe after I’ve had it pulled to pieces in Paris (now there’s a good title, ‘Pulled to Pieces in Paris) I’ll have the guts to post it on my website and expose myself to the world. Eek!

2 thoughts to “The Tag Team

  • karla Earwaker

    il read it send it to me

  • Zevee

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