We’ve been watching The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition, i.e. as long as two of your average Rom Coms). Twenty minutes ago the film ended. The credit sequence is still running… okay, at this point its the fan club who got listed for some reason, but there were a lot of people before that. A huge amount of work goes into the making of a movie – even a lame one (as my media studies students learned the hard way). A great work of art, of any kind, requires such mammoth efforts. Artists must be dedicated, must work when they don’t feel like it.

C’est moi. I’ve been distracted by my husband being off work, and I’ve been working on this website, but excuses are always ready at hand. It’s been three days since I put a word to my novel.

And then I thought, ‘hey, I could do that now. The baby’s up but Luuk is on hand and happy to play with him. I don’t need to touch dinner-prep for another hour, if I push it.’

And then I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll blog about it first.’

Well, I suppose I’m making myself accountable. Off I go, to write something. Hopefully it won’t by too heavily influenced by Tolkien’s narrative style. Hopefully I won’t be too easily distracted by the merriment happening over on the rug.

Temptation, be gone. I shall rise above. I managed to climb that hunk of rock. I can do a few words.