Tomorrow we are off! We have nearly a month in NZ and will be sure to enjoy all the perks of a summery christmas break, but for the past couple of weeks we’ve been doing the silly season Paris-style… or Euro-style. Or just northern hemispherish

fourth night of hanukkahThe 4th night of Hanukkah, once again with the Russakoffs.

I’d never done Hanukkah in NZ, but it’s not particularly French either. It’s just that expats flock together a bit, and so here on the other side of the globe we have close friends who celebrate Hanukkah, and aside from anything else, who says ‘no’ to latkes?

last french class of the year

Last day of French class (and Ina’s farewell.)

The whole grande finalé bit actually reminded me of NZ, given that it’s the start of summer holidays and everything is wrapping up, farewells aren’t unusual. But this is a rather international crowd, and a french class too. We sent Ina off with a basket of all things français, and a mustache for good measure.

elena spins her dredle

More hanukkah. Several days later, between savory and sweet courses of crêpes, care of our friend the chef, look what Elena found on the table.

leaves beat the playground

Playing in the leaves at the park after school. So very cold. Bring on summer!

clocks and kids at galeries lafayette

The marvelous window displays at Galeries Lafayette.

kids at galeries lafayette

They have mechanised marrionettes and music…

galeries lafayette windows

… and little bridges for the kids to stand on.

iphone pressies

Christmas markets in Paris… and a few shops too. If I had an iphone I think mine would be chocolate coated.

santa aint charming

Louis is unimpressed by Père Noël.

bells and sleighs

Elena is more impressed in the bell than the man.

last day of school

Last day of school for 2013! (And the school Christmas tree – just plain humongous.)

We’re half packed and the house is half-tidy (but actually pretty clean – incredibly) so we won’t have too late a night tonight. Tomorrow, to Singapore!