(and where the holly are my Christmas presents?)

We have to move. If we find a place soon we’ll be shifting flats within the same suburb and staying till July next year, as planned. Then we’ll move back to New Zealand. As planned.

If we can’t find an apartment in the next month then, come mid-February, when our lease ends, we will move back to New Zealand. Once again our plans are all up in the air.

Kind of like Luuk’s key was, in the elevator yesterday.

found key

Funny story. He must have dropped it and whoever found it decided to hang it from the dodgy wire that sticks out of the elevator light.

I saw it and thought ‘how wonderfully absurd’ and took a photo, not knowing it was Luuk’s key.

So that was the highlight of yesterday. I know, that sounds terrible, but the kids have been sick and the getting-better thing is making them grumpy little wretches. Even christmas baking was a bit of a downer because I overcooked the cookies. I should know – trust the clock, not the look.

Anyway, so moving. Maybe. Definitely, but not sure when. Or where. But it’s easy, especially this time of year, to get so wrapped up in day-to-day stuff that even an imminent (just 2 months away) and major change can fade into the background. It is probably making me look at my friends here with a bit of the expectation that I will have to say goodbye soon. And NZ being where it is, far far away, it might be years before we meet again.

One friend in particular is moving out of the city over the next two weeks (it’s a process) and we’ll probably visit them out in the wops before we jet off, but there will be no more grabbing a drink before we pick the kids up from halte garderie, no more 7-types-of-cheese-and-accompaniments picnic lunches between the kids’ morning and afternoon sessions.

In NZ christmas is always the time for finishing things, for saying goodbye to teachers or students and heading off for summer break, but it feels like that a little bit here, this year. School’s only off for 2 weeks, and halte garderie less than that. But I suppose, all my life, christmas parties were end-of-year send-offs.

pomme d'api christmas party

Elena’s christmas party was last week. They nursery she attends is so sweet. I feel very lucky in that regard and hope we can find such a good fit in NZ.

christmas party story time

The teachers read and acted out a lovely little winter story about a bunch of animals taking shelter in a giant mitten. And then the bear joins them and (spoiler alert) the mitten breaks. Elena’s teachers, most of the time, are the two on either side of the ‘stage’ and the woman with the book is the principal.

Louis’s school has christmas trees up in every room, and they took them to a movie about a snowman last week, but as far as I’m aware there’s no christmas party. Which is fine – one less thing. They’re doing lots of lovely christmas art, though, and they actually (at 4!) look at artists and copy their styles.

Louis' painting

I’m rather impressed. And he’s rather proud.

Speaking of art, I better get on and make some. I’m editing like crazy – what else is new? And I’ve only got an hour before I need to go get Elena.

PS. I ordered all my christmas presents online and they’re not here yet! So I’m going to be dragging out people’s christmases with late pressies, I suspect.