So far, we’re having a wordy week. Yesterday’s small stone:

the words don’t flow, they tumble and tustle, clattering from my fingers, occasionally slowing their stumble in the vicinity of my brain, giving me a chance to catch them, tame them, but they’re too quick for me.

Hopefully that will happen again – very soon.

A writerly day, that’s what I’d like. Louis is feverish, probably teething – so he’s sleeping away the morning rather than braving the halte garderie. Elena is having a good long sleep as well. So it’s been a good start on the writing front.

And I discovered scrabble on facebook, so in theory the writing could have progressed quite a lot more. But there were word-foes to vanquish. And I did. Narrowly.

I could probably claim that scrabble is writer-training, but who am I trying to fool. This is not an expense claim form. I’m not trying to get a tax rebate on vaguely business-related costs. But it was fun. I was multi tasking – writing while my opponent had her turn – and no doubt both my game and my writing suffered, but it was fun.

And now I’ve stopped playing scrabble to make the most of this writerly-opportunity. But while I’m here, today’s small stone:

My toes, ankles and upper arms, that’s where I feel the cold. There’s a shiver between my shoulder blades and a tingle beneath the balls of my feet. I cross my legs and apply myself, tangled and intent. There is a blanket, a whole half-a-room away.

Naturally, the kids will wake soon, so I’d better find me some socks, a hot drink, another cardigan and something to read while I breastfeed. Being all ready for them to wake up usually delays it a while – not sure why, but that’s how it usually goes.