The secret to getting something delivered fast? Nap lots.

I’m supposed to wait at home for two days waiting for our replacement free box to be delivered. The freebox is the source of our television and videos. It’s name is all about the freedom this is supposed to give us and has nothing to do with the price.

Staying home for two days straight does sound pretty good. Louis wouldn’t agree. Elena won’t mind so much.

But how am I supposed to get my fresh baguette without leaving the house?

And if I’m having a rough day, where’s my pain au chocolat coming from?

Fortunately for me, I figured out how to make deliveries come early.

The first step is the really hard part – get both babies asleep at the same time.

Step two is my favourite bit – take a nap.

And that’s it. I guarantee it the delivery man will arrive any time.

It actually happened twice now. Today, however, I’d been asleep for an hour already and Louis was waking up anyway.

And rather than a vacuum cleaner, we have television again! So I don’t mind so much today.

It’s raining, so I don’t think we’ll be going out anyway, as it happens. We’re out of bread so, with Louis’ help I made some little quiches. And Louis is eating them! I made his ones without any bits (bacon, veges, etc.) but, still, a success!


A nap and baking something that Louis likes. A very good start to the day.

Yesterday started rough and as it went on I realised the nap just wasn’t going to happen. But then, late in the afternoon, I managed to write a whole thousand words! Now that’s what I call a good day’s writing. Anything less and the victory is that I sat down at all, but a thousand words is good progress.

The four cups of coffee probably helped me get over the no-nap hump. I cooked while Elena was crying so dinner was ready to go in the oven at four-ish.And then she slept but I thought Louis might wake up so I didn’t dare nap. I wrote instead.

Elena had a good long nap and Louis didn’t wake till nearly six. Is it just me or are kids more beautiful when they’ve had a good long sleep? Is it just me who loves them a little bit more when I’ve had a little space, a little break?

It’s can’t be just me. Isn’t she lovely?

My baby girl in the hood