I’ve had wrinkles for a while now. Just a couple of which, on last check, are not smile lines (and I don’t want to check again, thanks). There’s one between my eyebrows like a crazy-long and errant eyebrow hair. The others reach out across my forehead, three horizons that deepen whenever I raise my eyebrows in surprise or interest… which happens a lot.

And I suppose that’s a good thing.

Here’s yesterday’s small stone:

The tired tense
lives between my brows
and wrinkles them.
I lay down heavy
achey tired, I sigh
away the last of my strength,
let it go, open myself
to sleep.
But there’s this hard candy
knot behind my eyes, which takes some
time to melt

Today’s topic goes some little way to explaining the laughter lines:

So that’s the first roll of loo paper to go in.
Perhaps it was an accident. Perhaps
it doesn’t matter, except
I laughed. Which is better
than getting angry. Best not
get angry with a toddler
(if you can manage it).
Turn on a guise of wrath if he’s
cruel or in danger
or defiant on purpose –
but that’s not anger, it’s a line
in the sand. Laughter rakes
the earth clear of such lines.
If he threw the roll in,
just to see what would happen,
then next time I’d better find my wrath.

Louis and I are having a kind of race at the moment – he to fill up his sticker chart and me to figure out and finish this edit of my novel. He is decorating the fridge; I am decorating the back of the kitchen door.

He likes to mess with both of these. We’d both like to jump to the bonbon at the end.

He gets a bonbon at the end of each line of stickers. A bonbon is just a chocolate but that seems to be the french word for such treats, he loves saying it, and we’ll stick with it. Easier than ‘chocolate’, for a toddler’s tongue, for sure.

The bonbon at the end of editing is probably more figurative than chocolate. Not that I won’t treat myself a chocolate (at least) on finishing, but intrinsic rewards have stronger pull at my age.

And on that note I will get back to work – filling a spreadsheet, scene by scene, with all my plot/character/relationship details, questions, arcs… It is looking very scary and complex. I have lots of decisions to make. Some easier than others.

I need a name for one of the smaller characters. She’s been “kate” till now, but a more significant character is “kylie” and it’s a bit confusing. She’s a math and science teacher with a lifestyle block and a big mortgage, a teenage son, the father of whom is out of the scene. She’s generally content with her life, improving her house and garden, her work, etc. Suggestions anyone? She probably has more wrinkles than me, but with a similar laughter:serious-thought ratio.

3 thoughts to “wrinkles

  • Erin

    Thought I’d leave a comment. You asked for some name ideas, and so here are a few.
    Name thoughts: Paige/Page, Brook(e), Reese,Trish and Jayne.

    P.S. you have the best kinds of wrinkles-invisible ones!

  • Hélène

    I don’t think that having both “Kate” and “Kylie” is confusing. They look and sound different despite the initial being the same. IMHO

  • Hélène

    Oh, and who wants to look Photoshopped, anyway?

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